2016 Sale

Sale Date: 22/2/16

No. Offered: 48
No. Sold: 42
Average Price: $7400
Top Price: $17,500
Name of Top Price Animal: Bowmont G085 Dom Lad K056
Sire of Top Price Animal: Bowmont Dom Lad G085
Purchaser of Top Price Animal: Gunya Herefords

An extremely pleasing result from our 2016 sale. 6 bulls sold to stud interest and those studs included Gunya ($17,500 and $14,000), Talbalba ($16,000), Newcomen ($13,000), Foxforth ($13,000) and Jacandra ($8000). Commercial support throughout the sale was very strong with 8 bulls in total selling above the $10,000 mark.

2015 Sale

Sale Date: 23 February 2015

No. Offered: 44
No. Sold: 38
Average Price: $5200
Top Price: $14,500
Name of Top Price Animal: Bowmont E096 Victory Blend J040
Sire of Top Price Animal: Bowmont Victory Blend E096
Purchaser of Top Price Animal: Ian and James Bjorksten (Wandong Herefords)

Sale Comments: A strong sale which saw a moderate top price and consistent mid range prices. Producers in attendance commented on how even the draft was. They also commended the draft on having tremendous butt shape and strong carcass characteristics, which were a feature right throughout the offering. Two buyers each took home 4 bulls and four buyers took home 3 bulls.

2013 Sale

The tough spring and lower cattle market was reflected in our 2013 sale where clearance was lower than usual.  34 bulls sold to a top of $22,000 for a 38T son which found a new home a Hylands Herefords at Cootamundra and a healthy average of $5590.  Other stud sires to sell on the day went to Wallan Creek, Cliston Herefords and Sheldon Park.  The main volume buyer was Kevin Upton who took home 4 new sire for his Glencairn herd.

2012 Sale

2012 is the first year since we started on property sales 11 years ago that all our bulls were offered at home (ie no bulls were taken to Wodonga).  This was our record sale with our highest average of $7060 and highest top price of $30,000.  Purchaser of the top priced bull was Barry Newcomen of Newcomen Herefords.  The second high seller was $18,000 to Glendan Park Herefords and both young sires were by Bowmont Storm C093.  In all six bulls were sold into stud herds and competition came from as far away as Walcha NSW.

2011 Sale

The 2011 sale saw 41 bulls offered and 37 sold for an average price of $4702 and a top of $12,000.  The top priced bull was purchased By Julie Rogers from Gelantipy.  There were 4 buyers taking 3 bulls each.  This was the final sale which doesn’t include the top few bulls which were offered in Wodonga.

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