Over the years the beef industry and the livestock industry as a whole has developed and evolved an enormous amount.  Within our own herd we continually see higher weight gains, bigger muscle scans and better fertility and milking rates within our own female herd to contribute to this.  What you can be assured is that here at Bowmont there have been 110 years of livestock production over three generations of keen stockman and the breeding philosophies haven’t wavered over time. These are:

  • Structural soundness, doing ability with natural thickness, fertility and milking ability, docility and softness of skin and hair.  These have been proven over time in both our sheep and beef enterprises.

Some of the other areas we believe are very important to the progression and continued direction of our herd are:

  • Commercial focus.  We believe that having a commercial focus in our stud operation is the best way to pass profitability on to our bull buying clients.
  • We like to get feed back from our clients so that we can better improve the genetics which they buy, and continue to make their own operations more profitable.
  • Utilise technology, such as EBV’s to help the selection process for our cliental.
  • Utilise modern techniques such as AI and ET to further advance the predictability and performance of the genetics we sell.
  • Offer feedback and support to clients within their own operations to in turn make them more profitable.

We are continually aware that the profitability of our business is directly driven by the performance of our genetics in cliental herds.




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