The Bowmont Hereford stud was founded by Geoff King in 1973 with the purchase of 35 Spring Valley cows and 1 Injemira cow.

After this foundation 7 Devon Court bulls were used.  These were selected for their natural thickness and square structure, combined with excellent cosmetics, eye pigmentation, dark cherry red coats on a lovely soft skin.  Carcase quality, thrift and milking ability have always been at the forefront of our breeding objectives since foundation.

In the 1980’s the stud took on the use of Artificial Insemination in its breeding programme which enabled it to utilise the best genetics available throughout Australia and the world.  Since the early 1990’s a large percentage of the cow herd has been joined this way.  Sires such as Injemira Outback, Injemira Domino and then the $55,000 Sydney Grand Champion Injemira Duke J273 (sons to $13,500).  He stamped his mark on our herd immediately, producing class winners at Wodonga and many outstanding females.  Rohdesdale Legend (sons to $5,500), KD Mundooring ( sons to $22,500), Bramble Newcaster (sons to $8000), Vena Park Sharka (sons to $20,000) and Tarcombe Captain (sons to $40,000) have all been introduced successfully.  Embryo transfer is also a tool which is used from time to time from this period onwards.

In more recent times we have introduced sires such as Smithston Victory Blend (son to $23,000), Yarram High Energy (sons to $30,000), Glendan Park Storm W134 (sons to $22,000) and the 2008 high sell bull at Wodonga Charnock Jackal which we bought for $62,000.

Our stud aims to calve down 180-200 performance recorded cows annually in a very commercially orientated programme where all cattle are run in conjunction with sheep and a cropping programme.

The stud and property Bowmont are now run by Geoff and Leonie’s son Sam and wife Jane.




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